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SHOCKING TRUTH: Biggest Problem in Philippines Can President Duterte Solve It?

Can president Rodrigo Duterte solve the true problem carried by Millions of Filipinos?  Is his governance can really bring deliverance to hundreds of Filipinos who are living in the mud of poverty and mediocrity?

Poverty, corruption, illegal drugs, criminality and all sorts of violence in our society, is this what it takes being a Filipino? Is this what it takes being a human? What if behind all of these chaotic human experiences, an unknown reason is just hiding in one corner left untouched, different from what we know?

Philippines has been known to be one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia. The island of Mindanao and Luzon is so vast, enough to provide the country’s need in terms of food and agricultural supplies. Waters separating Visayan Islands and the surrounding oceans are still untapped in terms of natural wealth.

Moreover, Filipinos are  known to be the smartest and most brilliant individuals among other races in Asia. Unarguably, in a corporate world, Filipinos are far better when it comes to intelligence, skills, abilities, leadership and talents compared to people from neighboring countries.  This makes highly industrialized countries hire more Filipino workers, known as  skilled OFWs.

How come we became poor?

Many Filipinos believed that Philippine poverty is due to corruption and abuse of power done by the government. People are complaining, shouting on the streets blaming the current and previous  administration for all failures and false promises.

Just recently, presidential election was done and Rodrigo Roa Duterte, a former Mayor of Davao City will take care of the country after his oath of office as president this coming June 30, 2016.  Many Filipinos feel the atmosphere of hope and change, knowing that Duterte has been known to be one of the best public officials ever lived in the country. The question is, can Duterte really handle the true reason of poverty carried and faced by Millions of Filipinos?

The root of Philippine poverty

Philippine poverty is not just a simple phenomenon that occurred in one country due to corrupt and oligarch form of government. Beyond what many Filipinos know, there is much deeper reason why we are poor.  And that reason is no other than our own IGNORANCE.

Ignorance in this context does not refer to the level of literacy, professionalism, knowledge and the amount of education we’ve missed. Many of us are well educated and highly literate. Many of us have done a great job in corporate world, private ventures and in running the government, but all of those qualities are completely irrelevant to what ignorance has done to our country.

In fact, the education system that we have today (in all nations) is just a tool to structure our minds to become capable of our own survival. It was designed to make us capable of being manipulated, for the furtherance of massive deception that promotes more ignorance among humanity. 

In our time, no one can really see it because we are too busy playing the game designed for all of us to play, so that we will never see the truth. This game is called “reality.”  Albert Einstein once said, “no one can solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  Until we get out of the box where we are all imprisoned, we can never see our own imprisonment.

But what we are ignorant for?

The biggest problem brought by ignorance is the fact that we are all ignorant about our own ignorance. We don't know what we don't know.  Because of this, despite all of the difficulties we experienced, we all believed that nothing is really wrong. We do our stuff every day and life unfolds till we die at 60. Until somebody will slap our face, we will never be awakened.  Until we remain asleep, the music continuous to play.

It takes a deep contemplation to know what we are ignorant for. It takes a lot of books to read to understand what we don’t know about ourselves and about reality. To give you an idea, let me lay down some of the knowledge that are not available to us being a solid Christian nation.

These are the knowledge from hidden doctrines sold for thousands of dollars in many personality development training and seminars. This is what Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale. Jack Canfield and many great success mentors taught.

1.    The  Universal Laws or the principles how the universe works
2.    Our true nature as human beings omitted from the bible
3.    What is an EGO and how it devastated our souls
4.    How to tap into our own inner power given by God.
5.   The right way to pray so that prayers will be answered, far from what the Church has taught.

Yes, it is all about spirituality. That is the part where many of us are no longer interested to explore, being busy for individual survival. As you may have noticed, those things are too bizarre and maybe silly. This is because, we never have an idea that they exists and we are not used to hear about it.

Since we don't know any of those, we often violated some of the great laws of the universe. This makes us do things in a wrong way, which makes us suffer its consequences. One of the most common universal laws is the Law of Attraction. It states that, we human beings are like living magnets that attracts circumstances and events in our lives according to our dominant thoughts.

If our mind is full of negative thoughts and ideas, we attract negative things and experiences. If we fill it with positive thoughts and ideas, we attract positive things and experiences, but many of us don't know about it. All we know is how to make a living and how to survive in life using our own ignorant mind.

The reason why we know nothing about it is because we are deceived. We are conditioned to believe that we are all fine in this level of consciousness. We are all conditioned to conform and follow the flock of Millions of ignorant human beings, towards the direction away from the right knowledge. Yes, we are all programmed towards misdirection from knowing the truth.

Consciousness Creates Reality

The truth is “consciousness is the one and only reality.” Whatever we believed, accepted and consented to be true about ourselves, determines the kind of life that we are going to experience. In spirituality, since we believed and accepted that we are all sinners as taught by the church, we are all doing things in a sinner’s way, and so we have this kind of reality.

The saying that consciousness is the one and only reality means that,  if you believe that you are poor, you must be broke. If you believe that you are rich even if you are broke, you will become rich.  Everything in life is just a matter of belief for as you believe it shall be done unto you. It is your own " I am" that tells you what your life is going to be.

If you say I am poor, you will be broke, If you say I am rich and be grateful, you will be rich. If you say " I am a sinner" you will live in fear and suffer the wrath of life. If you say "I am a divine being" you can feel the "connectedness" and oneness with your creator, and you will live abundantly. Life is just a matter of belief. It is your own "I am" that creates your life.

This is because whatever we do in life, is always contained within the limit of the ideas within our own consciousness.  A rich man who knew and accepted himself as rich  who says "I am rich" will never go to the streets and beg for money. That is not who he is according to how he knows himself. A poor man who says " I am poor," will never have reason to buy a car as he accepted himself as  poor, and he will be doing things like many poor people do.

The Problem with Religion

For us Filipinos, being in a Christian nation, one of the greatest contributor of our belief is religion. Spain brought Christianity in our country according to history. Being a peace loving citizens, we  embraced all the doctrines of the church emanated from Rome, even if we don't know who are the people who run the Vatican City. We conformed!

Church  brings peace and comfort to our troubled "self" through the love of God and rules of morality. We defended  our faith and we felt insulted every time  we hear words against our religion. We protected it to death as our only way of spiritual comfort. We bowed down to all the rules due to fear of hell and the longing for heaven. Because of this, no one in history has ever seen that religion today is just a biggest human deception orchestrated by the few who control the world.

Here's what happened. Since we accepted ourselves as sinners or someone unworthy from God's grace, (taught by the church) we instantly separate ourselves from our own divinity as beings created by God according to his image and likeness. This  belief has established an instant boundary between us and God, that makes us suffer in our whole lifetime.

Christianity particularly the Roman Catholic Church is one of the perfect places to spread and maintain human ignorance masqueraded by peace it brought. It is the biggest deception that controls millions of minds to  make us stay comfortable even in the midst of chaos and poverty.

To make us follow and obey the rules,“fear of hell” is inculcated in human mind by the church. To hide the deception, we are promised to find heaven or the imaginary eternal life as a reward for those who followed. As solid Christians, we are all victims of such a huge deception.

Before you react, contemplate on the following image:

 How Religion Brought us Into the Cage of  Ignorance

I am a solid Catholic, and you don’t have to stone me for saying this. The difference between you and I is that, I spent years of digging what’s behind the Roman Catholic Church in Rome (and certainly you don’t ) in search for an answer to the question “why Philippines is poor?”  If you did the same, certainly you and I are in similar stand.

Philippine poverty is just a result of a huge mess we carry within ourselves, due to our self-limiting and self-destructing beliefs. This is a result of deception and lies we happened to embrace. It is only our beliefs that holds us back from becoming a person capable of doing great things in our daily lives. It is the belief ruled by fear, which resulted to difficulty and frustration in life. All of those beliefs emanated from the belief that we are all sinners.

To keep us shut our mouth, we were given peace and spiritual comfort. The comfort we experienced as a result of those lies, prevents us from exploring what else we can do being a human. Religion prevents us from knowing our own true potentials so that we will remain controllable as we stay on this lowest level of  human existence. 

Because we become comfortable even in the midst of chaos and poverty, we no longer seek for more till we die at the age of 60 and above. Though in silence we are complaining, we don’t know what to do and we have nowhere to go. And so, we learn to live in that environment as we accept our reality, trying to pretend that we’re all okay, suffering, helpless.

The true reason of poverty is our failure to tap into our inner potential, which requires deep understanding about who really we are as human beings. But since the way to access this knowledge was corrupted and hidden by the Catholic Church, we all became ignorant  but well-educated slaves.

Ignorance is the reason why many of us Filipinos are aimless in life. It is the reason why we adhere much on “fear consciousness” and become afraid to take risk.  It is the reason why we become vulnerable and too weak to face challenges. Due to the poison of fear that deeply permeated in our mind, we lost the desire to achieve great things and we stop dreaming for something big.

We are all conditioned to become “fearful” and non-thinking beings beyond our awareness as we are taught and conditioned to seek for  comfort in everyday of our lives, instead of seeking for an opportunity to challenge our potentials.

Look at your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, how much limitation they know about themselves? How much “I can’t” they have in their own minds. How about you?  How comfortable you are to claim that “you can’t do it.” How easy to say that “it is hard.”  How impossible for us to do great things right now?

The game of Survival

Being ignorant, we used to believe that life is just a game of survival. As a result of survival mentality, we developed a new belief system brought by the condition of life we experienced called “scarcity mentality.” This occurs as poverty and lack comes in. As we believed that we don’t have enough in terms of material wealth, happiness becomes too elusive. Being unhappy, we never find reasons to become grateful in life; the beginning of more unblessedness and misfortunes.

Because of scarcity mentality, we feel the need to become thrifty, to save money for rainy days, to look for opportunity to become a taker and to avoid being a giver. We learned to hoard stuff and take advantage on every opportunity for the sake of the “self” even against the right and welfare of others. This is the root of all crimes and violence in our society (selfishness).

This  further leads to individualism and to live in “consciousness of separation” where the supply of universal abundance is being shut off from our access due to unworthiness. This even more leads to chaos and more poverty. 

Fear and Consciousness of Separation

No one wants to die so we tried to live life in our own way according to these wrong beliefs about ourselves. With the belief that “I am just a human being,”  we live in fear. Fear emanates from consciousness of separation or the knowing that "I am alone,” away from everything else. 
If you really feel that you are “separate” from your God, the feeling of isolation draws out fear, worry and uncertainty in life.

Imagine yourself, alone in the middle of the jungle, with all the furious animals searching for a prey. At that very moment, all you think is to save yourself from possible danger (survival). Because you know that no one will help you, you worry a lot. This is exactly the human instinct today and that is how we live life due to the absence of right knowledge.

Living in consciousness of separation and disunity, our life’s purpose is only to survive. The desire for self-survival promotes more selfishness that kills that tiny spark of light in our hearts called love. This is where ego prevails. With ego, self-love in every moment from all angles is very vital. Today, this is the kind of mentality that reigns over our minds (ego based mentality) and many believed it to be just right.

Being in consciousness of separation and in fear, we never get the chance to see the path towards our own greatness. We’ve been too busy making ends meet, preoccupied with negativity, consumed with the belief that to survive is really what matters in life. In conformity to what many people used to believe, again, everything seems to be just fine.

And so, we all learn to live in simple unproductive life, comforted by the peace brought by religion, in adherence with the law imposed by the state.  In this level of life, everything stops as we seek for nothing else, being comfortable and in peace.  

With all the rules we know and abide with, being not in jail, we become a better person in our own knowing; a responsible citizen in our country, a loving husband to our wife and the best father to our kids. We become a respectable person in our society, a faithful church goer, grow old and die broke. 

Today, we are nothing like an advanced robot who can respond to our environment according to external signals that trigger our physical senses, but unaware how to use our own mind to create our world. We keep on seeking avenues to find some rest and comfort, knowing that life is so tiring and a kind of unending battle to survive.

As we find comfort in front of television, vices,  and all sorts of entertainment available to us, we have fallen into the trap towards the ocean of ignorance. Our biggest failure in life is when we seek for comfort instead of seeking for more opportunities to challenge our own potential. This is the beginning of our unproductive thoughts and idea of wasting time. This is where the deception  and misdirection from truth prospers.

In the world of ignorance, millions of giants have been tamed throughout generations and taught to believe that they were just feeble dwarfs.  Millions of strong and robust horses are fenced with bamboo sticks to only munch the weeds within the limit of their sights and taught to believe that they were bordered with thorny barb wires.

Without knowing that, those tiny pieces of sticks have nothing to do with their strengths. If and only if they will jump over to that fence, into the vast field of green and fresh weeds, they can have all the abundance to get feed.

Again, look at the millions of poor people in Philippines and even in many nations. Look at the sick and homeless. Look at the people around you trying to make a living out of their own effort aiming just to survive, comforted by the church, entertained by television, tamed by the government and feed, but enslaved by corporations.

Look at the people who believed that they really can’t do something great in their lives. What makes them think that way? What is missing?  What if the truth is just right there, left untouched since many years, masqueraded with false pleasure, comfort and peace that we experience momentarily? 
What if…. what we believed to be right and true about ourselves since the beginning of time… …were all wrong? 

Can President Duterte handle our biggest problem? Can our new president spare our country from destruction and the deception brought by Illuminati into the world?  Look at the pyramid below and find out where we are - the ignorant masses.

Let people know the truth! Care to share...

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